Equality and Inclusion

Equality and Inclusion are key governance priorities for the committee of Mansfield and Sutton Astronomical Society.

In line with The Equality Act 2010 MSAS actively works towards ensuring that all people are treated equally without discrimination or fear of prejudice regardless of whether they possess one or more of the 9 protected characteristics detailed in the Act –

age, being or becoming a transsexual person, being married or in a civil partnership, being pregnant or on maternity leave, disability, race (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin), religion/belief or lack of religion/belief, sex, and sexual orientation.

The committee of MSAS recognise that discrimination may be -

  • direct – treating someone with a protected characteristic less favourably than others
  • indirect – putting universal rules/arrangements in place which disadvantage someone with a protected characteristic
  • harassment – unwanted behaviour linked to a protected characteristic that violates someone’s dignity or creates an offensive environment for them
  • victimisation - treating someone unfairly because they’ve complained about discrimination or harassment

In order to protect against discrimination the policy of MSAS is –

  • that all members are required to read and abide by the MSAS Equality/Inclusion Policy as a rule of membership
  • to take positive action, whenever possible, if people with a protected characteristic are at a disadvantage or have specific needs
  • to ensure any specific rules or arrangements can be justified
  • to encourage any person who feels they have suffered discrimination because of a protected characteristic to report this to the committee
  • that the committee of MSAS will act on all reports of discrimination because of a protected characteristic and any member found to be in violation of the policy will be subject to disciplinary action
  • to identify as part of this policy a member who will for the purposes of this policy lead on any actions resulting from the implementation of the policy
  • that the policy will be updated annually by the committee of MSAS

The Equality/Inclusion Policy of MSAS is to ensure that all people are treated fairly and equally and that no individual, be they member, prospective member, a recipient of the services of the Society, or the general public at large, should suffer discrimination because of a protected characteristic.


April 2018 

Equality and Inclusion Officer -