Introduction to Radio Astronomy

Welcome to Radio Astronomy at Sherwood Observatory

Radio Astronomy here at Sherwood Observatory has not been going very long, only a matter of a few years and as such we have started from ground zero. Michael Knowles was the originator developing Forward Scatter meteor detection using a TV station in Spain transmitting an analogue signal. Since the changing over to digital broadcasting in 2010 we were unable to use this technique. Michael retired from the section in early 2017 having prior commitments at home.

When we later started to use the Graves radar-based space surveillance system in France using Back Scatter meteor detection techniques, it was then that our learning period started to take off. Since then we have increased our meteor detection using both Graves - Back Scatter and Brams - Forward Scatter methods of meteor detection.

We have also now branched out into studying solar activity using different direct and indirect radio observations and our experiences are slowly growing. 

This site has been set up to record our experiences as they unfold not only the successes but also our failures so that anybody wanting to make a start in Radio Astronomy may find advice and experience that is easy to follow.

We don’t set ourselves up as any sort of experts, but as enthusiastic amateurs wanting to share our experiences with like minded folk.

Best wishes on your journey of discovery,


Radio Astronomy coordinator.