About Sherwood Observatory

Sherwood Observatory is the home of the Mansfield & Sutton Astronomical Society and is situated in Sutton-in-Ashfield overlooking the town of Mansfield to the north.

Observatory building

The Observatory building was built by the founders of the society on a purely voluntary basis so that the society could have a place to meet and view the stars together. The building work was started in 1972 and was finally opened to the public in 1986.

You can find out more information about the society's history here.

Lecture Room In Use

The Observatory building comprises of a workshop, office, kitchen, toilet, storeroom and a lecture room as well as the observatory dome itself which houses our hand built 24 inch Newtonian Reflecting Telescope.


You can learn more about our main telescope here.

The Observatory is the focal point of our outreach efforts and we host several open evenings throughout the winter for the general public as well as night-sky classes and other events.


For our address and contact details, see here.