Solar Viewing

During the spring and summer it is too light to hold open evenings. Instead, we hold a number of solar viewing events both at our observatory and at events and festivals organised by other groups away from the observatory.

Join us to view the Sun through our special Solar telescopes (weather permitting) at the Sherwood Observatory facility. In addition, you will have the opportunity to learn about our society and Astronomy in general. 

2024 PUBLIC OPEN DAYS: Each comprising of two sessions 11.00am - 1.15pm & 2.00pm - 4.15pm.

Tickets for our Saturday 29th June event can be purchased here

Future open days are:

July 27th

August 17th 

September 21st

Note - our telescopes are specially filtered for viewing the Sun. It is very dangerous to look directly at the Sun through any telescopes or binoculars that haven't been adapted, or even just looking with your eyes. 


For events held at our observatory:

  • Opening times are 11 am - 4.15pm. Visitors must book a ticket in advance prior to arrival. 
  • Entrance fees are: Adults (over 16) £6, Under 16's £2 (under 16's MUST be accompanied by an adult). 
  • We will endeavour to put on a rolling presentation about the Sun.
  • Refreshments are available.
  • There is wheelchair access into the building/lecture room and disabled toilet facilities.

For events held at locations other than our observatory:

  • Please contact the organising group for details of entry costs, times, conditions, facilities and other activities.

If you have any other queries about our solar viewing events, please contact our open events coordinator by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..