Telescope Training

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One of the benefits available to members of the society is that after suitable training, members can have almost unrestricted access to the observatory, and its 61cm telescope. Telescope access is available to anyone who has been a member of the society for at least one year, and who passes a basic test of competence.

Members with more than 1 years membership (or earlier at the discretion of the committee) who have proved competence in operation of the society‚Äôs small telescopes and received training in the operational procedures for the use of the main telescope and associated equipment, and have reached a satisfactory level of ability in both, shall be authorised to hold keys and any such devices for the Telescope Control Panel. 

Once the test has been passed, the member can apply for an access card giving full access to the Observatory and all of its facilities including the main telescope, the Meade LX-90 telescope, Reverse Binoculars, and the SolarView Hydrogen-Alpha solar telescope.




Before taking the telescope test, members must complete a basic telescope training course, designed to train members to safely operate the telescope, and to enter and leave the building. The course also covers what to do and who to contact in the event of an emergency.

Telescope Training is usually held during the winter months and all members wishing to undertake training need to register their interest with our optical co-ordinator.